3 lines

I tried something unusual at the week end.  I bridled my Benson Wasp
to fly on 3 lines.  Given that a standard bridle looks like this:

                            /  |  \
                          /    |    \
                        /      |      \
                    /          |          \
                  /            |            \
                /              |              \
              /                |                \
            /       C          |          D       \
          /                    |                    \
        /                      |                      \
      /                        |                        \
  /                                                         \
/                                                             \

The bridle connects the ring at C connected to A, E & F and the ring at
D to B, F & G.  (I hope that you arn't looking at a speedwing :-) )

I disconnected the lines C-A and D-B and added a bridle line between
A and B, adjusting it so that the new bridle was about as long as the other

To fly this, I needed a special handle.  I figured that some sort of
triangular affair would be best, but I was unsure of the dimensions.
I found a piece of plasic covered wire grid (like a fridge shelf)
which was ideal, because I could clip on the wires anywhere I liked
and ajust the setup easily.

The arrangement did work.  The third line let's you adjust the angle attack
in flight, allowing you to stop the thing and to slide it slightly
backwards... but it didn't do it particularly well because:

The Wasp is a handful to control at the best of times, a more stable kite
would have helped.  (The Wasp is my only delta)
I wasn't very skillful at it.  I find my Rev I difficult to fly and this
is similar.

The Wasp doesn't produce much pull.  The weight of the lines (75' of
80lb Spectra) had a significant effect on the flight.


Has anyone else done this?  If not, then go and try it, it's fun to
experiment.  I'd be interested to hear how other people get on with
different kites.


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