Engineering involved in Kite Making?

In article <1992Sep9.004133.42857@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu> spaceman@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes:
-> I have a question for those people who design and construct their own kites-
-> How much of the process involved in your kite making involves calculations
-> (estimations) of aerodynamic/structural properties, i.e. location of center of
-> pressure, the amount of camber, and the frame members spec's to get 
-> specific pull (light flight or power- considering the strength-to-weight
-> ratio)?
-> !I know that there is an "artwork" aspect to it (who wants an ugly kite?),
->  but how much 'engineering' goes into it?
-> A curious aerospace engineering student-
-> paul

        I would say about none.  I prefer the fiddle till it flies
method.  This method is even more fun with rockets, since a badly
built rocket with enough thrust does all kinds of nifty things in the
Jason C. Austin

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