Nose width II.

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for those that answered my first posting about nose 

There is a factor I was thinking of, and that noboby listed :
with a wide nose the frame is much less stiffer (except if you have an X-join 
at the top spreader), so that in turns the wole frame change of shape with the 
top speader moving from left to rigth (or the opposite), so that you obtain an 
assymetric kite while truning.

     Straight line           In turn
         / | \                /|  \    
       /   |   \            /  |    \          (hope you get what I mean)
     /     |     \        /    |      \

I am not sure this happens (but I think so) and don't know if it is a factor we have to count with.

As always, please comment.

Good winds.


P.S. for Ron : Thanks for preparing an article on frame balance, this is the 
best answer.
Philippe Lepez       (CP 125), |                           |       Good kite

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