"pulsing" and bridle/frame adjustments

In article <272a2p$ocq@nermal.cs.uoguelph.ca>, moishi@uoguelph.ca (Maurice Y Oishi) writes:
>A few weeks ago, someone (forgive me, I don't remember when or who) wrote
>that their kite "pulsed" when it flew and wondered whether the problem was
>due to bridling.
>I have the same problem, except that it not only pulses, but spasms in
>strong winds. Anyone with suggestions?

Kites of all kinds exhibit this when the wind gets high. Basically,
the frame is flexing because of the wind force. At some point the
pressure of the wind lessens so the frame flexes back to near it's
original shape. The force then increases, and the frame continues to

It looks to be a resonance problem and is dependant on a lot of
things. One way to decrease the effect is to run a bridle line between
the upper and lower spreader attachment points along the leading edge
and the line attachment point. At rest, this line should have around
2cm of slack.
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