pulsing and bridle/frame adjustments

The pulsing and bridle/frame adjustment subject seems to have got 
a bit wider!

I have 2 cicadas.  When I put them together I ignored the bridle 
dimensions in the plans because I have a liking for long bridles.

When flying in very light winds recently I put 30 foot lines on.  
I noticed that the length of the long bridles in these conditions 
causes some sloppiness in control.  If I hold the kite in a 
stalled position, to make fine adjustments is difficult because of 
the slop in long bridles.

It's worth test-flying on very short lines to really see what's 

I subsequently made a set of short bridles for one cicada to see 
what difference it would make.  When I started flying to get the 
adjustment correct I noticed the pulsing effect.  This was the 
nose trying to rise, then falling, about half second frequency.  I 
can't remember now whether I pushed the bridle point up or down 
(yes, I know I should keep notes :>) ) but it eventually fixed the 
problem.  Having short bridles has given me the instant response I 
wanted for low wind/zero velocity (forward speed) conditions.

Time has stopped me taking this any further yet.  I can't give you 
any dimensions at the moment, but I believe my bridles are 
substantially longer and substantially shorter than the design 

I like to use long bridles 'cos I believe it keeps pressure on the 
frame to a minimum, especially in a stronger wind.  It also makes 
adjustments less critical since any change in the bridle point is 
a smaller percentage of the overall dimensions.

For rapid adjustments I use a no-hardware bridle.  The main bridle 
is conventionally fixed to the leading edge top and spine.  The 
outhaul attaches direct to the main bridle by a catspaw.  The only 
thing that I haven't got a fast answer to yet is the outhaul 
attachment to the leading edge lower.  I currently use a 
constrictor knot based on a clove hitch, which works ok but is a 
little slow to adjust accurately.  (I've never seen this 
arrangemnt anywhere else, so I claim it's the Swann Bridle  8:>Q )

The way my thinking is going at the moment is to have a kite 
appropriately bridled for various wind conditions or what I want 
to do at the time.  Am I reinventing the wheel here?


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