What's a wind tamer screen?

>Bob and Wes,
>I first saw these tamers this summer on the Oregon coast.  They were selling at
>the Catch the Wind Kite Stores for less than $10.

>Disclaimer: I've got no connection with any kite store or dealer- I hammer on
>rocks (no, not a convict, a geologist).

>Don Fiesinger
>Geology - Utah State University
>Logan, UT  84322-4505

Thanks for all the responses, both via rec.kites and personal email!

Just in case I'm not the only one who has ever seen one before (which, judging 
by the number of responses, couldn't be the case... <G>) I found a picture of 
one in the Spring 93 issue of SKQ. They have a picture of it in the article 
covering the KTA convention.


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