Cutting holes in vinyl tubing

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>: >way to cut the hole through the tubing for the spreader to pass through. In 
>: >I've tried drilling, but it's 
>As I understand it what works the best is a punch like is used for
>leather to punch out holes. It cuts a clean neat hole in the vinyl.

Punches work well. What works even better is drilling it out. 

Now then, don't assume you use a drill bit, because you don't. To get a clean,
very clean cut, you need to use a piece of brass tubing of the appropriate
diameter. Cut about a 2-3" lenght and sharp one end slightly. Use a 
regular drill motor and instead of using a drill bit (which is VERY MESSY)
insert your brass tubing in the chuck and tighten it up sufficiently
to hold the tubing with out deforming it. Then drill the tubing. It cuts
VERY CLEANLY. Should you want a hole only through one side of the
tubing, insert a piece of wood dowel in the tubing before drilling,
using the dowel as a stop. Works really good.


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