Spreader size effect

In article <3077@rc1.vub.ac.be>, plepez@is1e.vub.ac.be (Lepez Philippe) writes:
>Marty Sasaky replied that enlarging the lower spreaders will result in an 
>increase of speed and pull, I'd say increase of speed and DECREASE of pull.
>This is the way it react in my short experience but Marty knows much more than
>I do. 

I appreciate the confidence that some have in what I do, but I
certainly have a lot to learn about kites. My experience is that the
increase of speed is accompanied by an increase of pull. Philippe's
experience is different, but no less valid.

>I also think that reducing the spreaders will increase stability.

Usually, this is true. If the spreaders are made too short, then the
whole system changes (bridle pick points, angle of incidence, etc.)
which may affect stability negatively.
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