Kite Trains

        Hi everyone.  I am having loads of fun with my Quadrafoil.
Thanks for all your help in recommending it to me.

        I think I want to get a train now.  From my many kite catalogs
I see only a few prepakaged trains.  Into the Wind offers a Rainbow pack
and the Star Crusier pack.  I guess I could always train a bunch of
flexifoils, but I have never flow one before.  Or I could train a bunch
of normal deltas, like scorpians or something.  I would like to get a
relatively cheap train like $100-$200.  (I want to save up my money
and get a UL XTC so I can fly in zero wind.)

        I would appreciate any help in a way of getting my first
train.  Oh, I've never flown one before.



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