porosity of seams / Flexi performance

In article <1993Feb21.212801.14375@ohm.york.ac.uk> jkn@ohm.york.ac.uk (John Nicoll) writes:
>Hello all,
>       Here's the story... my friend dave & I have built two
>10foot Flexifoil clones, after I built a 6foot one a few months
>ago. We built most of them together, and in theory they should
>behave identically - but they don't. I'm trying to figure out why...
>Actually, I lied - they're not quite identical. The two diferences,
>apart from `normal manufacturing tolerances', are:

Don't be too surprised.  Peter Lynn reports [grief! it must sound like I talk
to him every day - I don't - I just study carefuly what he does say and write]
that he can take a batch of (supposedly identical) Peels straight from
the production line, hand them to a bunch buggy racers, swap the kites
around and find that the same *kite* keeps winning.  This means that the
minor differences in the kites was outweighing the differences in skill of
the racers!

If this is what happens with production soft kites, I'm not surprised at
your findings.


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