Sermon (was Flexifoils)

In article <13286.9304291050@boreas.cms.dmu.ac.uk>, it1jk@de-montfort.ac.uk (Groove Patrol Station 3) writes:
>Don't be so boring Paul! Power kites are there for the POWER! If people want to
>be lifted off the ground then let them! (Like I do.)
>The reason I do it is because it's about the nearest thing flying. For goodness
>sake - there's enough rules in the world, don't try to add more. I'm sure people
>who own power kites know the dangers of them - you just have to get one flexi up
>to find out.

No, people don't know the dangers. I've seen some near disasters with
folks who have had considerable experience with flying, but little
experience with power flying. Also, accidents do happen even for the
best prepared flyers.

Philosophically, people don't need rules if they have time to think
things through, but when you have a kite dragging you across the
field, most folks don't have the presence of mind to think things
through. Having a few rules or guide lines make flying safer.

>The bottom line of it is, as you say, if you get worried, let go of one handle.
>Its as simple as that.

Funny thing about this, I have never seen anyone let go of their
handles. I have never seen anyone release the quick release on a
harness. Even as people are being dragged across the field on their
face, they don't want to let go.
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