Sermon (was Flexifoils)

In a rec.kites article andrew@tug.com writes:
> If you *really* want to jump, may I suggest a much bigger rig.  8 or 9 flexies
> taken through the right manoever will take you *well* clear of the ground,
> with no bracing, depositing you (fairly) gently with a reasonable forward
> speed.  This can all be done without placing undue strain on either you or
> your equipment, because you do it all with the stack within the top 20
> degrees of the window.

Do you (or anybody else) have any further advice on learning to jump?
A tutorial introduction would be useful.

Up until now I have been content to be dragged about fields and
beaches by my two 10' flexies. I've been told that I can use my
flexies to jump by lying in a ditch with my feet braced against the
side and flying up through the centre of the power zone. I felt I'd
rather watch someone who knows what they're doing do this first :-)

Is it possible to build up to jumping *from* the ground by jumping
*off* things, campervans :-) or sanddunes perhaps, with the kites
overhead (or toward the top of the power zone)? Or would a larger
stack be required for jumping in any circumstances? If you have a big
stack can you jump in low/moderate winds?

Any information on learning to jump *safely* would be gratefully

Chris Willis (ye79@uk.co.gec-mrc) GEC-Marconi Research Centre, Essex UK

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