ramo@world.std.com (Joshua C Ramo) inquires:

> How will a tail effect the way my flexifoil flies. I've found that
> a longish plastic tail lifted from a cheap kite seems to add some
> stability when I stack. Any validity in this? What other kind of
> tails are there and how do they change the flight characteristics
> of the kite? Thanks in advance....
> Joshua Ramo

        I've used several tail variations with Flexi's on occaision.. 
Flexifoil recommends attaching the tail with a "V" bridle about 10' long 
(for a 6' kite).. I've used a larger version (about 16'-18' for the 10' 
Flexi), or separate tails for each end of the spar.. The only great effect 
that I've noticed is a slight slowing of the kite, depending on the length 
of tail and the wind intensity.. I've used tails as long as 300', but on 
125' lines the end of the tail rarely leaves the ground unless it's 
_really_ windy.. I think most of the efect of tails on Flexi's is visual.. 
Try skywriting with them!! I've not tried tails with Flexi stacks as yet.. 
Hmmm.. maybe I'll break out the Flexi Stack From Hell this afternoon.. :-) 

        What I've found that makes good inexpensive tail material is 
plastic construction or flagging tape.. I've found it at the larger 
home-improvement or contractors supply stores locally in 1.12" wide rolls 
of 150'-300' for a dollar +/-.. It comes in several colors like red, blue, 
hot pink, hot orange.. I've also used old 1/2" videotape and 7/8" paper or 
mylar perforator tape, left over from the Pleistocene age of computer 
programming.. (I've still got a pretty good stash of that left over from 
programming punched-tape controlled machine tools).. Most of the plastic 
flagging tape is good enough to get several days flying out of before its 
time for the trash bin..

Ob. Disclaimer:

I am a stunt kite dealer and carry some of the above mentioned
product(s). As such, my opinions may tend to be somewhat subjective.

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