Cutting the line

On Aug 5, 12:34pm, Patrick Prosser wrote:
> Subject: Cutting the line (Was: Walk down device)
> I tried putting a control line onto my 132 sq foot flow form.
> Essentially this line was at the FRONT of the kite, and
> it was intended that I could pull on this line and get the
> foil to "over fly". It didn't work. However I am 100% sure that 
> a line connected to (say) the bottom left hand corner of the 
> trailing edge will work. I should be able to steer the kite to the
> ground (I know this will work because a 1/2 inch adjustment on the
> bridle, all of 10m long, on the outside keel generates a significant
> list).
> === END OF EXCERPT ===

Why not attach the line at the center of the kite? When you pull on the
line, the kite should fold up on itself, and fall to the ground. (At the
very least, it should reduce the pull to allow the kite to be brought
down more easily.)


Brian Dockter                    | Northwest Digital Systems

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