stretching lines (was Rev II stack problem solved and another question)

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>From: Darrin.Skinner@ebay.sun.com (Darrin Skinner)
>Subject: stretching lines (was Rev II stack problem solved and another question)
>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 04:32:21 GMT

>spar@cbnewsg.cb.att.com (al.j.sparling) writes:
>-] Date: 10 Aug 93 16:39:18 GMT
>-] From: spar@cbnewsg.cb.att.com (al.j.sparling)
>-] Subject: Rev II stack problem solved and another question
>-] The stack performed well most of the time.   Even though the train lines
>-] were pre-stretched, they are stretching more so I had to re-adjust the lines
>-] a couple of times.  I do not own a single line kite other than a fighter,
>-] so I could not stretch the line that way, obviously my solution of hanging
>-] weights from individual train lines for a couple of days is less than
>-] optimal.

>Al, what is this about hanging weights?  I was thinking about using weights to 
>pre-stretch lines.  Is this what you tried?  Sorry, if you've been over this
>topic before...

>Anybody else have any neat ways to pre-stretch lines?


I have done it twice now in a very low-tech manner that seems to work well for 
me. I simply attach one end to a fence in my back yard. Then I walk to the end 
of my patio and wrap the line once around the outside post. I then walk back 
to the fence and wrap it once around that post. Back and forth and back and 
forth. Then I fasten it off with a clove hitch. 

Next, have some 5 gallon buckets with some (not full) sand in them. Using 
ropes, I hange the buckets on the line every 10 feet or so. Let it hang there 
overnight. You want some weight there from the sand, but not enough to 
break the lines, of course. 

The next day, I simply cut the line down to size and sleeve it. Works great 
for me so far!! I haven't noticed any stretching after that, and if there is 
stretching  taking place that I'm not aware of, at least it is even between 
the lines.


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