Single line Reels

In article <CCD8zv.42s@rokkaku.atl.ga.us> kml@rokkaku.atl.ga.us (Kevin Lahey) writes:
>For the last couple years, I've been using an extension cord caddie to 
>carry around my 1000' of 150 lb. line.  It is a big orange plastic reel with
>a small knob on one side for reeling in and a sort of very simple bearing in
>the center that you can hold onto.  It is sold around here as 'Cordwheel',
>and costs about $5.

When we first started experimenting with different reels a friend of mine
tried out an extension cord caddie as well.  For the first few flights it
seemed to work very well.  One day it suddenly developed a bulge on the
inside of the hub which prevented the center handle from slipping around
the inner drum.  Unfortunately it happened with the line all the way out! 
He wasn't flying a particulary large kite (5 or 6 foot delta) or using
particularly large line (50 pound twist).  At the time we just wrote off
extension cord reels as a bad idea.  After hearing about your success I
guess we just got a bad one.  You're definitely right about the price! 
It's pretty hard to beat!  (Ours actually ran about $7 I think).

Other than our little mishap, the only thing I didn't like about them was
the drum was kind of small.  About five inches as I recall.  My friend was
getting ready to try building up the drum with something cheap (like
multiples rolls of corrugated cardboard or something) when his reel went
south.  I may have to give them another look! 


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