The Mortal asks:

Is it necessary to sleeve my line?

The Kite Oracle replies:

The 10 Commandments of Kite Flying

  1. Thou shalt always sleeve thy Spectra, lest the gods become insulted by thy insolence and break thy line in the middle whilst flying over a tree of thorns.
  2. Thou shalt always wind thy lines clockwise lest ye become victim to the curse of death by tangles.
  3. Thou shalt always respect all forms of flying thing, whether tethered by one line nor a multiplicity of lines for even the humble Indian has line sharpened to cut thee from the sky. It is because of thy disrespect that the wind always gets better the time comes to pack thy kite away.
  4. Thou shalt always wear a helmet whilst riding thy buggy, lest the gods become angered by the sight of thy uncovered head and spill thee to the ground breaking thy leg.
  5. Take heed not of the false prophets that shall be sent amongst thy people. Frank Kenisky and Mick Parsons are known by the people but beware that others lie is wait to steal in the night the friendship and community that is rightfuly thine.
  6. Thou shalt always ask permission before copying a kite. And when asked, thou shalt always grant freely. In this way, thou shalt live long and happy in the land.
  7. Thou shalt never patent the bleeding obvious, lest the Gods heap burning coals on thy head. Long before thou wast conceved, the heavens were filled with many kinds of flying things beyond thy wildest imaginings. It has all been done before.
  8. Thou shalt always shade thine eyes from the radiance of the sun, though they hide the beauty of thy face and pattern thy features like a panda. In this way ye shall not grow weary when tested to stand in the shadow of thy kite, nor find thyself standing in the shadow of thy buggy.
  9. Thou shalt not anchor thy power kite to the ground. This angers the gods greatly and they will smash thee to little pieces without mercy.
  10. Thou shalt not jump with thy kite. The gods shall laugh at thy folly but will have no pity for thy broken body on the ground.
Note that there are other instructions for good flying, such as "Wear not the wrist straps, lest thy wrist be crush'ed and painful", "buggy not into the sign enscribed 'fly safely'", but the Kite Oracle would have you learn these 10 first.

You owe the Kite Oracle a backspace key for his stone tablet inscriber.