0.2 Update History

Well, unfortunately I didn't get my USENET/Internet connection
back in February as expected, so I will still be off-line for
quite a while longer :-( :-( In the meantime I'll keep posting
this list through a member of n@r.k, thanks Simo!

As a special service to all you nice and friendly guys and girls
of rec.kites, who have provided me with so much useful
information and entertaining reading, you can contact me by
snail-mail if you need the plans from one of the magazines and
you have been absolutely unable to find the issue elsewhere.
Please only contact me as a last resort after checking: the local
kite shop, the library, The Kite Store in London and the
publisher, as we must support the various kite magazines by
buying the back-issues (or even better start subscribing!). I
will send you a photocopy of the needed plans, if you send me: a
self-addressed envelope and 2 IRC's (International Reply Coupons,
can be bought at the post office) for _each_ plan needed. My
address is:

        Esben Collstrup
        Groefthoejparken 163, 8.mf
        DK-8260 Viby J.

This is the March 1994 list of sources for stunt kite
construction plans/kits and books. The list has been expanded
with: 7 plans, 2 books and 2 magazines since the September 1993
version. I have also added the ISBN and publisher to some of the

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