0.4 Building First Stunt Kites

I don't recommend learning to fly and learning to build at the
same time. If your first creation doesn't fly properly on first
attempts, you don't know whether the reason is in the flyer or in
the kite. However, if you decide to start stunt kiting by
building one by yourself, get a more experienced flyer to try it,
and help on tuning.

I recommend you buy the book "Stunt Kites to Make and Fly" by
Servaas van der Horst & Nop Velthuizen - see the review below.
Build a Shuttle or Standard 200. But use Glassfibre tubes in
Standard 200. You can change them to carbon, when the globe
doesn't hit your kite so often any more! Stay away from the
Speedwing (or Sputnik!) as your first home built kite.

Don't save on lines; get 65 kg (150 lb) Spectra or Dyneema from
the beginning.

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