3.4 Skywork Experience II

As the first "Skywork Experience"-book by the same author this
one is in German with watercolour paintings instead of photos and
is mostly a collection of plans for commercial kites. I haven't
made any stunt kites from this book yet, but it seems that the
flaws of the first book has been removed, at least all the
bridle/sweetpoint dimensions exist now and the quoted wind-ranges
seem reasonable. It contains 9 stunt kite plans:

   Arrow              A sort of mini Fire Dart (77 cm/30" LE).
   Elegance           A precise ultralight with double scalloped
                      TE and battens at the wingtips. It has
                      almost 1.5 sqm of sail on a standard full-
                      size frame.
   Nodronte           A silent, high pulling kite for light wind.
   Flitz Jr.          A small (100 cm/39" LE) low aspect ratio
                      delta for beginners. It is silenced with
                      mesh in the TE.
   Wolkensturmer 101  A high aspect ratio 3/4 dart with double
                      scalloped TE and four battens. Uses a mast
                      at the back-side of the sail instead of the
                      usual two stand-offs. Very fast and tight
   Hunter             A sort of Action Kites Action 8.2 with
                      scalloped TE.
   Lite Flite S       A full-size delta with four stand-offs and
                      "serrated" TE.
   Bombus             A fat, wide-nosed Speedwing.
   Stunt Starter      A Spin-Off-type kite with a lower aspect
                      ratio for beginner/intermediate fliers.

The 3 single-line kite plans are: Hargrave box kite, Revolver (a
spinning box kite) and a Cody. BTW. the 6 mm carbonfiber spars
use in the Revolver can easily be replaced with 6-7 mm Ramin

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