5.1 Sport Kite Rulebook

Available NOW!  Ten months in the making!  Longer, lower, wider!

At long last, the 56-page Third Edition of the International
Sport Kite Competition Rules is available.  We're no longer
dating the book (e.g. "1993 Edition") and it should no longer be
mislabeled the "STACK Rules".  Indeed, STACK had input and
approved the final draft, but the AKA Sport Kite Committee wrote
it, and we thought it less confusing to delete all references in
the title to the organizations that may use it.

Although there are no new figures, procedures have been clarified
and the book has been enlarged through the addition of more
complete job descriptions, field setup guidelines, and judging
criteria.  Lots of sample forms.

AKA member price US$5.00; non-members $7.50, both postage paid in
US; add US$2.00 for postage outside North America. Quantity
pricing above 5 copies, plus shipping.

I have lots and lots of them and will take these forms of PRE-
(please)-payment:  Visa/MasterCard, cash, check, or money order,
payable to AKA.  No Canadian cheques, plz.

Brooks Leffler AKA.      Internet:  kyteman@aol.com

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