6.0 Suppliers - Plans & kits

Individual construction plans can also be bought from:

        Drachendompteur                 Elliot
        Alt Nied 4-6                    Schulstrasse 30
        D-6000 Frankfurt-Nied 80        D-46487 Wesel-Buderich
        Germany                         Germany

        Phone: +44-69-382021            Phone: +44-28-034035
        Fax:   +44-61-9225956           Fax:   +44-28-038218

The price is DM 6 - DM 10 each, and they have plans (in German)
for the following kites: Jet, Hawk, Hawk 150, Bronto, Bronto
Gross (sort of very large Aerobat), Razor Blade, Spin-Dart,
Hawaiian Team Chevron, 3/5 (!) Hawaiian Team, Spin-Off, Fire
Dart, Sky Dart, No Na Me, Revolution, Speed Revolution (Rev II),
Phantom, Bantam, Spyro Jet Freestyle.

        Kaskade                         Flic Flac
        Toosbuystr. 13                  Nansensgade 47
        D-2390 Flensburg                DK-1366 Copenhagen
        Germany                         Denmark

        Phone: +44-46-117395            Phone: +45-33 93 04 43
        Fax:   +44-46-117330            Fax:   +45-33 93 83 15

Kaskade/Flic Flac sells the plans for the HQ Kites: Mini Dart,
Run Dart, Silent Dart, Elektron, Batkite, Whisper. The plans are
in German and very detailed and with a lot of drawings. Price
about DM 6/DKK 29.

        Jaco design & engineering (new address since Nov. 1993)
        Alpsteinstr. 10
        CH-8590 Romanshorn

        Phone:  +41-71-674641
        Fax:    +41-71-671343

Jaco sells the plans (with 1:1 patterns) for their own kites: two
full-size darts (245 cm), one 3/4 (195 cm) and a small one (size
unknown). The price is DM 20 - DM 40.

Jaco design also sells their kites as kits, both as assembly kits
(prices: DM 195 - DM 565(!)) and as construction kits (prices: DM
155 - DM 385). And, of course, Jaco sells "Jaco connectors"
(minimum order 50 pcs).

        Phoenix Drachen Manufaktur
        Liebigstr. 9-11
        D-52070 Aachen

        Phone: +44-241-962001
        Fax:   +44-241-166116

Phoenix sells detailed plans (in German) for the following kites:
Jet, Hawk 115, Hawk 150, Bronto, Manta (sort of very large
Aerobat), Razor Blade, Spin-Dart, Hawaiian Team Chevron, 3/5 (!)
Hawaiian Team, Spin-Off, Fire Dart, Sky Dart, NoNaMe, Revolution
I, Speed Revolution (Rev II), Revolution 275 (275 cm wingspan),
Skyracer-Mini, Sport Phantom, Phantom, Bantam, Spyro Jet
Freestyle, Silent Fire Dart, Elektron. The prices are 5 - 9 DM.

Phoenix also sells outline plans with all the important
dimensions for the following kites: Antigrav, Spectrum Dart,
Silvaplana Jet Streamer (Jet-Stream), Wolkensturmer 101,
Wolkensturmer 102, Force 10, Spyro Jet, Jet, Spectre, North Shore
Radical, North Shore Extreme, Silent Dart, Speed-Taifun. The
price is 2 DM. And they also sell plans with a 1:1 pattern for:
Hunter and Flexifoil (6 feet Stacker, 8 feet Pro Team and an odd
size 230 cm Flexi). Price 4 or 5 DM.

The plans for the Be-Be-165 dart from Sport und Design Drachen is
also sold by the magazine with a 1:1 pattern. For the address and
description of the Be-Be-165 see the magazine plans section.
Price DM 21.

And somewhere on the rec.kites archive you will probably be able
to find the plans for the Woody. The Woody is a small (71 x 38
cm, 28 x 15 inch) triangular, easy and cheap-to-make stunt kite
with 6 mm ramin dowel spars, and it is made for stacking.

Construction kits can be bought from:

        HANNAH im Drachenland
        S. Schonberg GbR
        Konigstor 34-36
        D-34117 Kassel

        Phone: +44-561-14235
        Fax:   +44-561-779518

They expand the range all the time, but at the last count they
were selling kits for the following kites: Chicago Fire Bee,
Colibry, Jet-Stream, Jet-Stream Mk.2, Wasp (Wind Walker, not Tim
Benson), North Shore Radical, North Shore Extreme, Hawaiian Team
Kite, Spin-Off, Fire Dart, Phantom Mk.2, Big Brother, Big Brother
Mk.2, Revolution I, Flash Angel, Scorpion, Check-Mate,
Competition Edge. The prices are mostly in the range DM 140-180.

        Hang-em High Fabrics
        1420 Yale Avenue
        VA 23224

        Phone: +1-804-233-6155
        Fax:   +1-804-233-6155/99

Hang-em High sells one kit: Stunt Kit Kite, a 3/4 dart in partly
the colours of your choice, price $50.

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