0.2 Update History

Thanks to Simo for posting this list to rec.kites in the 2 1/2
year I was off-line.

This is the February 1996 list of sources for stunt kite
construction plans/kits and books. The list has been expanded
with: several plans, a more detailed review of the book "Kites, A
Practical Handbook", 1 magazine, and one company (Goodwinds
Kites) selling plans since the previous version (July 1994 I
think). I have also added some e-mail addresses. All sections
dated 1996 have been added or changed since the previous version.

The list is now quite large (about 70 KB), so unless I am asked
to do otherwise, this version is the last one posted to
rec.kites. Subsequent versions will be put on the Hawaii-archive,
and I will post a note about the new version.

If you know of other sources for stunt kite plans/kits, or have
updated information about some of the mentioned sources, please
e-mail me.

Esben Collstrup