3.8 Kites - A Practical Handbook


This book covers a lot of different areas of kiteflying: stunt
kites, single line kites, para-fauna, aerial photography, Rokkaku
battle, and much more.
The layout of the book is a bit uneven, and non of the plans are
particular detailed and some of the dimensions on the plans can
be confusing, but if one can ignore these shortcomings it does
contain a lot of information. Both KiteLines and The Kiteflier
recommend the book, and so do I, but not as the first kite-book
(the plans are too difficult to follow), but as a second or third
book it is a good choice.
The stunt kite plans in the book are:

   Hawaiian Team Kite
   Silent K(n)ite             Sort of Skynasaur Aerobat with a
                            fiberglass rod in the TE to silence
   Vision II                  Sort of Speedwing with crossed
   Acrobatic Reach-Sky Kite   Low aspect ratio Spin-Off type.
   Scorcher 2                 Looks very similar to a Action
                            Kites Skydart.
   Batman                     Quad-line kite shaped like the
                            Batman logo.

  The single line plans in the book are: two simple workshop
kites, classic delta, twin keel delta (made for trains), tri-D
box, double ram delta, large Rokkaku (220 x 190 cm), classic
roller kite, Balinese bird kite, seagull kite, improved Conyne
kite (French military kite), Belier (high aspect ratio delta),
navy pattern dove kite, Bermudan head stick kite, Concorde kite
(shaped like the Concorde airplan), trampoline kite, aeroplane
kite, Hewitt's flexkite.

Simo Salanne (May 93):

I agree that the layout is poor (in some parts) but found the
text and pictures inspiring! The chapter on 'Parachuting Fauna'
is unique and cannot be found in any other book.

Publisher    - Argus House, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead,
               Herts HP2 7ST, England

ISBN         -1-85486-050-X