7.1 KiteFlight

Computer flight simulators are well known entertainment in
computer games, but KiteFlight is not a toy. It is a design and
animation tool to create sport kite flying figures and routines.
It will also create diagrams to be printed on paper.  And, it's
not only one kite, but you can simulate the whole team! That's
the real power of KiteFlight. KiteFlight originates from Dutch,
six person team Dike Hoppers, which has successfully used it to
design and learn their top class routines.

KiteFlight can be used for:

    - teaching stunts to flyers
    - training judges
    - informing event audience about compulsory routines
    - designing routines for individuals, pairs and teams
    - printing stunt diagrams

The author of KiteFlight is Peter van den Hamer from Holland.
KiteFlight will be published in May 1994 together with the new
stunt kite book by Servaas van der Horst & Nop Velthuizen.  A
demo version of KiteFlight and simulations for the rule book
compulsory figures (by Simo Salanne) can be found on rec.kites
archives ...\simulation\kfd.

KiteFlight supports all major PC color graphics modes (EGA, VGA,
SuperVGA), prefers a 386 or better (but works on antiques too).
Note that the speed of flight is NOT influenced by the speed of
your hardware (real time!): slower machines sometimes produce
somewhat jerkier motions than faster ones. KiteFlight runs on
DOS, Windows not required and not recommended.