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Someone asked for some action on this newsgroup. OK, here's
my contribution.

Has anyone of you ever tried to make a double lap seam with
an ordinary sewing machine? Well I have! I have spent hours
trying to make that @#$%( seam with any degree of precision.
For those of you that don't know what a double lap seam looks
like, here goes:

 x: lines that should be aligned
    when the seam is finished

First make a seam at 1

                   <-     allowance      ->

(                  x                V
)------------------------------------------                      )
(                            ------------------------------------(
                                    ^               x            )

                             <-     allowance      ->

Fold the cloth and make
the seams 2 and 3.

                    2        3        
(                   v    x   v
(                 +----------- |
                  | -----------+                      )
                    ^    x   ^                        )

Now, if everything worked out, you should now
have the two lines marked x aligned. Having
the two x's aligned is what _NEVER_ happened

So after som thought I came up with this idea.
If this is old stuff please bear with me since
I am new to kiting since this summer.

If you haven't  seen it before, here goes:

_First align_ the lines (x) on the two
pieces of cloth. Secure them with
small pieces of tape every 4". Don't
use pins.

Sew the seam at 1, remove tape
as you sew.

                                 <-  allowance   ->

(                               V
(                               x

                                x                        )
                                ^                        )
             <-  allowance   ->

Now fold in each end of cloth under itself
and against the first seam. Make seams
2 and 3.

                        3               2
                        V       x       V
                      +--------- ---------+
                        ^       x       ^

Now you will have a perfectly aligned seam with the
apperance and strength of a double lap seam. The only
difference will be that three seams are visible.

Why don't you dust off your sewing machine and try this 
seam, now when the cold winter darkness comes creeping
on to all of us (almost all? I guess the guys in Australia
and NZ are of another opinion ;-)

Tight Lines


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