In article <1992Oct28.205610.5986@das.harvard.edu>, mss@endor.harvard.edu (Marty Sasaki) writes:
> I use a modifeld flat-fell seam. It's easy to sew accurately.

I'll have to try that one. I have no walking foot on my machine and I was
tearing my hair out until I learned about this one from a real honest-to-
goodness kite-making class: You can get double-sided water-soluble interface
tape in the notions department. A seam taped with this becomes about as stiff
as an equivalent seam in polyester and is much easier to handle, since the tape
is meant to be sewn through. It is very light; unless you're building 
ultralights, it doesn't add a lot of weight per inch of seam. Works great on

 --- Joe M.

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