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> Marty Sasaki and Bert Tanaka say that they carry windmeters in their 
> kite kitbags. Can they provide full descriptions, size; 
> availability; prices; and how these gadgets show or record the wind 
> force/speed ?  


While I'm not Marty or Bert, I also carry a wind meter in my kite bag.
It's called the Turbo Meter and is about about 4" x 2" x 3/4". It has
an opening at the top that covers a small 3 bladed propeller, an LED
display and a 3 position switch on front. The switch will cause the
display to show mph, knots, or kph depending on the position. To use it,
face into the wind with the display towards you and turn it on. The
wind spins the propeller and the display tells you the speed. It isn't
cheap, I think Into The Wind (in Boulder, Colorado) sells it for around
$130-$150 US but it's a good investment.

There are other ones out, some electronic, some mechanical. The electronic
ones are usually over $50 with the mechanical ones around $25-$35. The
accuracy is much better with the electronic ones.

Hope this helps

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