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Last update : August 9th 1996

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Sorry, I hoped to be able to publish the plan for the 10 meter Gecko which I have build, but unfortunately, I didn't get the o.k. of Peter Lynn. He stated that he has to protect his designs in order to secure the jobs of his employees and it seems that he currently suffers some losses in business due to plans for the octopus and other softkites which circulate in the states without his permission. As I fully understand his point (it's the design, which is the difficult part in his kites and therefore he has to protect it) I will not publish the plans I've made (and it took me nearly as much time to produce them as it took me to sew the Gecko).

According to many request for the plans I got in the last few months, there seems to be a high interest in building big soft kites. If you really want to build a Gecko or something similar, I could only recommend to have a close look at some photos or real kites, try to find out how they are build (it usually is not really difficult) and try it. You will learn more when building a kite from scratch than while building 10 kites using complete step-by-step plans. If you are unsure about certain details, please contact me. I'm pleased to help everyone who wants to build a Gecko, but as I promised it to Peter, I won't publish the plans.

45 cm cell-size, extended wing Cody

(Thanx to Andreas Rathge for his permission to publish his plan)

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(Thanx to Peter Lynn for the permission to publish this plan)

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