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[ >>> ] [ Kite Addict ]
Yes, it's true that kite flying has a bit of an anorak image, but it's come a long way since the brown paper and bamboo days. In the past decade, Sport Kiting (or Stunt Kiting as it's also known) has grown in popularity and has come to represent something really rather cool and sexy. Admittedly not as cool and sexy as Snowboarding or Skateboarding but a lot easier on the knees.


  • Bridle Power: dynamic bridle design, including dynamic conversion for Benson Trick Kites.
  • Gallery: Kite pictures including Tim Benson and his kites.
  • rec.kites: Selected posts from rec.kites.

[ >>> ] [ Code Junky ]
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I came across a blinken box with buttons to press. I can't honestly remember if the very first computer I ever came across was a ZX80, an Acorn Atom or some other beast but whatever it was, it has a lot to answer for. Mostly good things, though.

Collected here are the results of a number of hacking projects from the last few years - made available freely in the hope that they prove useful to others.

Graphics Tools and Utilities

  • MultiGIF: cross-platform GIF animation tool, complete with source.
  • Geodome: geodesic dome dataset generator for the POV-Ray ray tracer.
  • ABWTwist: twisted chains of objects for the POV-Ray ray tracer.

[ >>> ] [ Digital Artist ]
The phrase "Digital Artist?" sounded pretty cool when I first thought of it a few years ago. Since then, everyone and everything has become a "Digital Something" or "Online Whatever". It's beginning to sound like a tired old cliche, but I really can't be bothered to change it right now.

I could call myself a Graphic Designer (more accurately, a Graphic Designer wannabe) but I'm not very good with pens and brushes that don't have an "undo" feature. Besides, I'm a hacker. I just play graphics on TV.

  • The rec.kites Logo: I was asked to update the rec.kites logo. This is what happened.
  • Links: places far more interesting and contentful that my own graphics pages.

[ >>> ] [ Online Architect ]
The Day Job or more accurately, The Old Day Job. Writing web pages, designing and developing online systems, splashing digital paint on the virtual canvas and generally mucking about to make web sites like Peritas Online come to life and continue to do their day-to-day web site thing.

Now, I do something slightly different, but more on that another day.

In the mean time, here's a few web gimmicks and related toys.

[ >>> ] [ Miscellaneous ]
Collected together here, for enhanced ignorability, are all the trivial personal details you never wanted to know about me.

But that's not all...

  • The Guestbook: Leave me a message or check out what previous visitors had to say. The hilarious Auto-Magic Message-Maker (tm) is not to be missed!
  • Gallery: Various pictures that didn't belong anywhere else.
  • Fave Links: Some links out to other favourite web pages.
  • PGP Key: My Public PGP Key.

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