Stunt Kites! by David Gomberg

This is one of the first books on stunt kites covering all of the basic and advanced techniques. Includes tips and information from well known stunt kiters. Has many safety points. Has many computer drawings, no photographs.
Softcover, 88 pagesBOOK-1$8.95

Stunt Kites to make and fly by Sorvaas van der Horst & Nop Velthuizen

Covers everything there is to know about stunt kites like dual line, quad line, soft kites, individual kites and team flying. Has detailed plans of 10 high tech stunt kites, some quite unusual. Very good drawings, pictures are black and white as well as color. One of the better books on the subject.
Softcover, 96 pagesBOOK-2$21.95

Stunt Kites II, New designs, buggies and boats by Sorvaas van der Horst & Nop Velthuizen

8 more kites to build and fly, many color pictures. How to design your own stunt kites and much, much more...
Softcover, 112 pagesBOOK-3$21.95

Kiteworks by Maxwell Eden

(mostly single line, some stunt kites) Often referred to as the bible of kite books. Includes 50 kite plans. Describes materials in depth. Has detailed drawings plus building tips, techniques & accessories. Some color pictures. Very well done!
Paperback, 287 pagesBOOK-4$14.95

Kite Precision by Ron Reich

A comprehensive guide to flying controllable kites. For beginners, intermediate and advanced fliers. Detailed instructions for individual, team & couples flying. 184 pages, 153 photos, 121 diagrams, full color cover. Covers the delta, Flexifoil and Revolution stunt kites.
Soft bond coverBOOK-5$14.95

Making & Flying Stunt Kites & One-Liners by Wolfgang Schimmelpfenning

A very colorful book, all pictures, diagrams & drawings are in full color. Covers materials, tuning and flying kites. Make 6 stunt kites, 1 quad line and 3 single line kites. This book is very well done. Published 12/95
Hard cover, 80 pagesBOOK-6$19.95

Kite 2.0 Software, Kiteflight and Plot by Peter van den Hammer & Peter Ruinard

3.5" HD floppy disk, runs under Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and OS/2 Warp.

The KiteFlight Program - Simulate the movements of multiple dual-line stunt kites. A viewing program for kite animations, a tool for designing figures or routines. Includes 5 animations. Adjust speed of each kite. Easy synchronisation. Improved quality with Microsoft Windows. Free updates via the Internet.

The plot program - Print life-size temlates for kites in Stunt Kites to Make and Fly, books I and II.

The Sputnik Program - Alter and recalculate dimensions & bridle configurations of the Sputnik-3, Sputnik 4 and Krypton-S. All of this on one little bitty disk!
5-1/4" diskBOOK-3S$18.95

Kites for everyone by Margaret Greger

Good kite plans and accessories listing plus knowledgable tips & techniques. For beginner thru expert book and for the classroom.
Softcover, 136 pages, 2nd editionBOOK-7$12.95

More kites for everyone by Margaret Greger

Both old and new kites, tips and techniques on kite building from an experienced kitemaker. Plans for 17 kites from simple to complex.
Softcover, 59 pagesBOOK-8$9.95