Chord & Caps

Shock Chord

Nylon braided outer covereing with strong elastic inside. Use the micro cord for slight tension for ultra-lights.
SC1161/16"black elastic, micro$0.25/yd
SC3323/32"black elastic$0.25/yd
SC181/8"black elastic$0.40/yd

'O' Ring

Use an 'O' ring instead of shock cord for smoother 'catch free' use. It is uv coated and will last the life of the kite. 3/4" I.D. only, made of round rubber.
RING34$0.15 ea.

Converter Sleeve

Use in the ends of fibreglass tubes to prevent splitting from repeated use. Available only in the following sizes. Made of aluminum.
stock#use with$0.25 (12/$2.75)
CS16E40, CP*16$0.25 (12/$2.75)
CS17G50M$0.25 (12/$2.75)
CS18J65$0.25 (12/$2.75)
CS19K75,FL370,CP*19$0.25 (12/$2.75)

Vinyl End Caps

VEC1161/16"(0.062)1/16" thru 3/64" rods$0.04 ea.
VEC3323/32"(0.094)3/32" rods$0.05 ea.
VEC181/8"(0.125)1/8" rods$0.06 ea.
VEC5325/32"(0.156)1580 carbon tubes$0.06 ea.
VEC116411/64"(0.172)1800 carbon tubes$0.06 ea.
VEC3163/16"(0.187)1880 & 1960 tubes * 3/16" rods$0.06 ea.
VEC136413/64"(0.207)2100 and 2200 carbon tubes$0.06 ea.
VEC156415/64"(0.234)FL248, A20, 2300 & 2400 tubes, 1/4" rods$0.06 ea.
VEC141/4"(0.250)C30,2540 carbon tubes$0.06 ea.
VEC9329/32"(0.281)FL291, E40, 9/32" rods, Skyshark 3 & 5P, SP*15$0.06 ea.
VEC5165/16"(0.313)G50M, J65, K75, CP16$0.06 ea.
VEC383/8"(0.375)FL370 tube$0.06 ea.
VEC133213/32"(0.406)FL414 tube$0.06 ea.
VEC121/2"(0.500)FL505 tube$0.06 ea.