Paper and Film

Tyvek, #10 paper

This is strong yet inexpensive paper used for kites, prototypes of kites, indoor banners and pattern paper. It comes 36 or 46 inches wide. It is crispy, not limp and does not tear. Tyvek can be decorated with paints or magic markers.
TYVEK-36#10 White36" wide$2.25 yd.
TYVEK-46#10 White46" wide$2.75 yd.

U.V. Clear repair film

UV ripstop clear film is only 2.5 mils thick! Adhesive backed, high attack. Blocks virtualy all UV radiation, weight is 1.9oz per yard. Clean surface, stretch sailcloth, apply firmly, press in place and allow time for maximum bonding overnight. 18" wide.
UVFILM1/2 yard(18"x18")$3.50
UVFILM1 yard(18"x36")$6.35

Clear Trilon

Trilon is a clear nylon film with a cross ripstop of polyester white thread in a small grid pattern. It is semi-soft and quite easy to work with. It is 1 mil thick, 1.25oz in weight and 54" wide. Ideal for entire or partial transparent kite sails. This product is no longer made, so supplies are limited.
TRILON(limited)$8.95 per yard

Cobra .75

Cobra is a transparent laminate that is lightweight (3/4oz), strong and very durable. It is a polyester scrim sandwiched between clear Mylar. This will soon replace our Trilon product listed above.
COBRA$9.75 per yard

Orcon 1/2 oz film

This lightweight frosted mylar fluffy film with a cross hatch of white polyester threads weighs 0.45oz (less than 1/2 oz) and is 54" wide. Orcon can be sewn but most people use tape. Can be painted. This film is ideal for indoor types of kites.
ORCON$7.25 per yard