Stand-off Paddle

Semi-soft black plastic, sew or fasten to sail to hold the stand-off rod for whisker sizes up to 3/32" diameter
YSP1Stand-off paddle$0.20

Stand-off Block

For 3/32" or smaller stand-off rods, made of semi-soft black plastic. Fits on lower horizontal spreader spar and holds up to 3/32" standoff rod.
Stock #Fits onType of fit$0.45
YSP2'2200'very tight$0.45
YSP3'2400'very tight$0.45

Leading edge connector

Semi-soft black plastic
Stock #Thru hole fitsSpreader holePrice
YSP5'2100' loose, glue'2100' perfect$0.45
YSP4'2200' good'2200' loose$0.45
YSP4'2300' good'2300' perfect$0.45
YSP4'2400' tight'2400' snug$0.45

Leading edge connector

Semi-soft black plastic
Stock #Fits onPrice
YSP6'2200' perfect$0.45
YSP16'2200' little loose$0.45
YSP16'2300' perfect$0.45
YSP16'2400' very snug$0.45

Crossover Fitting

Semi-soft black plastic
Stock #Spine HoleCoupling HolePrice
YSP7'2300' perfectEF1800W EF1880W$0.45
YSP7'2300' perfectEF1960W EF 1880W EF1800W EF2100W EF2100$0.45

Leading Edge Connector

Spar goes in 45 degree and, horizontal spar goes in long straight end.
Stock #Fits on spar sizePrice
YSP37'2100' and '2200'$0.50
YSP37-1'1800' and '1880'$0.50
YSP9'2200' and '2300'$0.50
YSP32'2300' and '2400'$0.50
YSP40SkyShark 2P/3P/5P$0.50
Use Stopper or Do Hicky on each side of fitting on the leading edge to prevent slipping. (Semi-soft black plastic)

Sail Stay

Horizontal Sail Stay (semi-soft black plastic)
YSP42for Skyshark 3P & 5P$0.30
YSP42-1new style, same fit (2nd diagram)$0.30
YSP53for '2100', '2200', '2300', & '2400'$0.30
Put YSP42 onto lower horizontal spreader to hold button YSP43 which holds standoff rod. See YSP49 assembly drawing.

End Cap

Soft plastic, light red, 1/2" long.
YSP45for SkyShark 3P & 5P$0.12

Standoff Cap

Hard black plastic.
YSP46Accepts 3/32" and smaller rods$0.08

Sail Stay Stopper

Hard black plastic. Stopper is used in conjunction with YSP46. Has 3/32" hole for solid rod. See YSP69

Leading Edge Connector

Leading edge Connectorm soft black plastic, top quality. Leading edge and horizontal spar holes are the same size. Has extra loop for shock cord.
YSP73for '2400', perfect fit$0.45
YSP73for '2300', little loose$0.45

YSP49 Assembly

There are different ways of assembling these pieces for a final standoff assembly. Burn a 3/32" hole in kite sail for your standoff rod to go through. The reason for not gluing to the YSP42 is that the pressure keeps it in place and lets you break down your kite for storage without loosing the pieces.
YSP49Assembly, includes one each of YSP42, 43, 46 & 47$0.60


General purpose stopper made of semi-sofe black plastic to keep pieces from sliding. Use spot of glue to hold.

Stubby Nock

One piece hard plastic for pultruded carbon tubes. Much stronger than the CTN nocks and will take a lot of abuse.
YSP44Skyshark 3P/5P, perfect$0.25
YSP261/16" solid rod$0.15
YSP26-11/8" solid rod$0.15
YSP60CT1960, perfect$0.25
YSP61CT2100, perfect$0.25
YSP62CT2200, perfect$0.25
YSP23CT2300, perfect$0.25
YSP63CT2300, perfect$0.25
YSP64CT2400, perfect$0.25
YSP65CT2540, perfect$0.25

Center Tee

Lightweight hard black plastic. The spine hole and spreader holes are the same size. High quality. The ferrule for the horizontal spreaders has a built in stop in the center and has an extra loop for shock chord on front. Much stronger than the CTN nocks and will take a lot of abuse.
YSP71for '2300','2200' spars$2.00
YSP70for '2300','2400' spars$1.85
YSP72for '2400','2300' spars$2.00

Whisker Standoff

Slieds into lower spreader spar and holds up to 1/8" rod standoff. Black soft plastic. Hole for 1/8" rod is 5/8" deep.
YSP74'2400' perfect fit$0.45
YSP74'2400' will work$0.45

Leading Edge Fitting

Black semi-soft plastic. Made by Avia.
YSP771/8" rod$0.50
YSP79'2100' or '2200'$0.60
YSP80'2300' or '2400'$0.60

Universal Center Tee

The vertical hard plastic block fits onto the spine. Each block comes with a wrench. The horizontal coupling can be removed by using the wrench to loosen the set screw and replaced with the size coupling you wish to use. The couplings are same ones described earlier but are listed again for your convenience. There are many different sizes and combiinations from 1800 to 2400. ($2.40 w/o coupling).
Stock#Spine sizeMetal coupling, use:Price
YSP69-18for '1800'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling
YSP69-188for '1880'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling
YSP69-196for '1960'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling
YSP69-21for '2100'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling
YSP69-22for '2200'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling
YSP69-23for '2300'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling
YSP69-24for '2400'EF1800 thru EF 2400$3.25 w/wrench & coupling

Shock Chord Fitting

Soft black plastic, takes the place of an arrow nock.
Stock#fits on:Price
YSP30'2300' loose, glue$0.40
YSP30'2400' little loose, glue$0.40
YSP30'2540', FL248, A20 good w/glue$0.40
YSP30C30 snug$0.40
YSP30E40 very tight$0.40
YSP30CP*15 perfect$0.40
YSP30CP/5P very tight$0.40
YSP30G-Force Std & UL loose, glue$0.40

Whisker Standoff Assembly

Rod of 3mm solid carbon fiber. For Stubby nock, above. Bottom snap fits onto '1580' through '2300' bottom spreader of kite (see below)
YSP22Complete assembly Xdim is 7-1/8"$1.20
YSP24Complete assembly Xdim is 8-1/2"$1.30
YSP282mm rod only, 5-3/8" long$0.85

Revolution type fittings

Revolution type fittings. Made of hard black plastic.
Center TeeCenterEndsLengthFor:Price
YSP510.3090.309, 1.3" deep3.5"E40,CP*16$4.00
YSP520.2780.309, 1.3" deep3.5"E30,CP*15$4.00
YSP570.2300.3091.20"3P, 5P, E40, CP*16$0.50
YSP540.2000.3341.15"7P, G50M + others$0.50
YSP590.1520.3521.125"K75, CP*19, + others$1.00

Do Hickey

YSP18Thinfits carbon tubes '2100' thru '2540'$0.12
YSP19Fatfits f.g. tubes E40 thru FL370$0.12

Center Tee

Stock #Fits SpineFits horiz. holeprice
YSP21'2300' quite tightJ65 tight$0.90
YSP21'2200' perfectE40 perfect$0.90
YSP21'2100' little looseA20 too loose$0.90
YSP21'1800' too loose(or use a metal coupling)$0.90

Leading edge

Stock #Thru Hole, lead. edgeLong leg, horiz. spreadprice
YSP20'2540' snug, perfect'2540' snug, perfect$0.60
YSP20A20 snug, perfectA20 snug, perfect$0.60
YSP20C30 very snugC30 very snug$0.60
YSP203P, 5P very snug3P, 5P very snug$0.60
YSP20CP*15 very snugCP*15 very snug$0.60
YSP31'1880' little loose'1880' little loose$0.60
YSP31'1960' perfect'1960' perfect$0.60
YSP31'2100' snug'2100' snug$0.60
YSP29'2540' very snug'2540' very tight$0.60
YSP29'2300' little loose'2300' perfect$0.60
YSP29'2400' perfect'2400' little loose$0.60

Bottom Snap

Bottom snap fitting. Snaps into lower horizontal spreader and holds solid whisker rod. For smaller whiskers, a spot of glue will hold it. Semi-hard black plastic.
Stock #Fits spreader:fits standoff rod:price
YSP25'2200', "2300', '2400'up to 1/8"$0.75
YSP25-'2200', "2300', '2400'up to 5/64"$0.75
More bottom snaps will soon be coming in. Ask if you don't see the size you need.

Leading Edge T-Connector

Made in Germany of a rubber/plastic combination, these connectors are very high quality. The charts bellow show the condition of fit for the 4 connectors. Please order by YSP number.
Stock #SizeFor tube:Fit:$0.85
YSP335.0-5.0mm (.1960")'1800'little loose$0.85
YSP335.0-5.0mm (.1960")'1880'works well$0.85
YSP335.0-5.0mm (.1960")'1960'perfect fit$0.85
YSP335.0-5.0mm (.1960")'2100'too tight$0.85
YSP345.9-5.9mm (.2320")'2100'too large$0.85
YSP345.9-5.9mm (.2320")'2200'works well$0.85
YSP345.9-5.9mm (.2320")'2300'perfect fit$0.85
YSP345.9-5.9mm (.2320")'2400'too small$0.85
YSP356.0-6.0mm (.2362")'2200'little loose$0.85
YSP356.0-6.0mm (.2362")'2200'works well$0.85
YSP356.0-6.0mm (.2362")'2400'perfect$0.85
YSP356.0-6.0mm (.2362")'2540'too large$0.85
YSP368.0-8.0mm (.3150")Skyshark 7Plittle too large$0.85
YSP368.0-8.0mm (.3150")G50Mperfect$0.85
YSP368.0-8.0mm (.3150")G-Force ULfits middle of tube$0.85
YSP368.0-8.0mm (.3150")G-Force Stdfits middle of tube$0.85

Leading Edge Connector

The long end goes on the horizontal spreader; the short end fits on the leading edge spar. Black rubber/plastic combination. Both holes in the connector are the same size:
Stock #fits sparPrice
YSP67'2100' or '2200'$0.50
YSP68'2300' or '2400'$0.50
YSP77'2540' or '2650'$0.50


Shock cord nock, hard black plastic will fit those listed below:
Stock #used on:Price
YSP911/8" rods (.125")$0.45
YSP92'1580' carbon tubes$0.45
YSP90'1800', '1880', Skinnies$0.45
YSP93'1960' carbon tubes$0.45