Kit Kites

Welcome to the Wonderful World of "Build-your-own-kite" from a kit. Our 5 different kits contain fabric "Kit Kites", 4 being single line kites and 1 dual line stunt kite. There is also a Tyvek stickless sled kite kit and a Tyvek soft sled kit for kids to make. All kits come with the materials needed plus illustrated step-by-step instructions. With the fabric kits, you get to pick your colors, you sew the kite together, you get to say "I built that kite" and in every case the cost is about 1/2 or less than the cost of a similar kite already built.

Conyne Delta Kite Kit

Our 8 foot kite kit contains top quality 3/4 oz. pre-cut ripstop panels, ultra-lite fiberglass tubes. The kit comes complete with step-by-step instructions and many detailed drawings explaining each and every step. Even the tubes are pre-cut and ready to install (except overseas orders). Kit includes all accessories, rings, bridle line, end caps, etc. and fabric for a kite bag. You do need your own flying line and spool. Use 75 lb. test line for 'average' wind conditions. Flys in about 3-4 mph to 24-28 mph.

The kite wings are one color and the center pieces are another color. You may choose from any of the 32 colors of 3/4 oz. nylon ripstop we stock.

Specify any 2 colors you wish for wings and center pieces. Fabric is included to make your own kite bag. Each kite is serial numbered and registered.

Makes ideal gifts, Christmas presents, awards, give-a-ways, souvenirs, workshop projects, collector's item and provides sewing practice or the start of a new hobby. Good for winter or rainy day projects.

All that is needed is a sewing machine and thread. Can be completed in 4-6 hours. Is easy to make and if directions are followed, will fly the first time, true and steady. This is a good way to learn to sew and make your own kite at the same time.

Allow 10 days delivery for this custom kit. For overseas orders an adjustment is made to the spars when shipping by Parcel Post due to package length restrictions.

Multi-Winged Kit Kite

Our 4 foot facet kite is a truly stable flyer. This is the second "Kit Kite" in our series of 'build your own' kites. It is easy to fly, the flying line is attached to a single point, no bridles to worry about. It is moderately easy to construct. It is available in 1, 2 or 3 colors and comes with a sock. If you have made our 1st kit, the Conyne Delta, this one will be a natural for you.

You may choose any 3 of our 32 colors of 3/4 oz. nylon ripstop for the kit and sock.

The only thing you need is to be able to sew a straight line.

The price is less than 1/2 the cost of a similar built kite. This kit includes all parts plus complete instructions to complete the kite except the flying line.

With the outer panels being darker in color than the 2 colors of inner panels, a beautiful dimensional effect is achieved.

Ultra-Lite Delta Kit

The 6 foot Ultra-Lite delta is our third "Kit Kite" in a series of Kite Kits. This kite is very simple to put together and is almost a one evening project. It is ultra light in construction and quite strong in the air, taking approx. 2 to 18 mph winds. It will usually fly in light winds that other kites just give up on. It is flown on 20 or 30 lb. test line. All that is needed is a sewing machine and thread. The fabric is 1/2 oz. nylon ripstop and is available in these colors (as of this printing.) The main sail is one color, the keel is a second color and the storage sock is 3/4 oz. black ripstop fabric. Please choose the sail color and the keel color.

The framing is 90% carbon fiberglass and 10 % fiberglass. All parts are included and the spars are pre-cut and glued.
This is one humdinger of a long kite measuring 55 feet, constructed of 5 different colors. It is an ultra-stable flying kite in moderately high winds yet has very little pull. Fly this one when all other kites are being blown out of the sky or when no other kites will fly. This has so little pull, in fact, only a 30 lb. line is recommended. The higher the wind (to about 25mph), the more stable the kite becomes and the pull stays very gentle because the kite floats or 'rides' on the wind. Great for little kids or people who don't want a hard pulling kite in high winds. It's great for the beach!

You select the 5 colors you want from our 32 color selection of 3/4 oz. nylon fabric. The kite also comes with fabric for its own ripstop nylon storage bag. A detailed instruction book comes with the kit plus all the materials you will need to construct this kite. All you need is a sewing machine and thread.

Just list the 5 colors you want, the first color being the dragon head. The 5 colors you select will then repeat about 4 times forming the 18 color panels of your 55 foot dragon kite.

Kit designed by Dr. Phil Modjeski

Stunt Kite Kit

Stock Colors: All kits come with black wing tips. Centers you get to choose:( YEL,Yellow), (PNK, Hot Pink), (RAS, Raspberry), (RED, Ruby Red), (ROY, Royal Blue) or (FGRN, Fluor. Green). This stunt kite performs well in stacks. Try 2 or 3... You'll be impressed!

Manufactured by: Spacious Sky Sold by: Hang-em High

Wind Sled Kite Kit

Stickless Sled Kite Kit