No-See-Em Screening

A very fine grid mesh screening ideal for air venting ultra-lite kites. It is soft and easy to sew. Natural grey in colour. 54" wide.
SCREENNO54" wide$3.85 per yard
SCREENNO54" wide$2.00 per 1/2 yard

Standard Screening

17 squares to the inch, a black vinyl coated polyester mesh used for most types of venting on kites. Long wearing, excellent flexing and ultra-violet resistant. 54" wide.
SCREEN1754"$8.95 per yard
SCREEN1754"$0.30 per inch (by 54" width)

Heavy Screening

Heavy duty vinyl dipped Polyester mesh. 9 by 9 grid pattern. Ideal for air brakes for stunt kites or any other heavy duty applications. High tensile strength, Heat sealed, flexible, tear resistant. 62 inces wide. Specify white or black.
SCREEN9BBlack62"$6.00 per yard
SCREEN9WWhite62"$6.00 per yard