Polyester Sail Thread

This is the "Cadillac" of all threads. It is non-linting, will not fuzz or accumulate in the sewing machine mechanism. Sailmakers thread is only available in white and black. The V30 is for general purpose use and the V46 for heavier duty use such as 1.5 ripstop and leading edges. This is a very strong mono filiment single strand thread, pre-stretched and UV coated. This is the most economical way to buy thread.
T30-16-WV301lb conewhite$29.55
T30-4-WV304oz conewhite$8.95
T30-1-WV301oz conewhite$2.75
T30-4-BV304oz coneblack$9.75
T30-1-BV301oz coneblack$3.50
T46-16-WV461lb conewhite$28.00
T46-1-WV461oz conewhite$3.00
T46-1-BV461oz coneblack$3.75

Decorative thread

Now you can jazz up the looks of the kite you build at home with fancy threads. All of the kites, stunt or single line, that you buy at the store or order look the same when it comes to stitching. Straight or zigzagged. Plain sewing is just that, plain.

On a dark background, black, violet, blue, green, etc., you can use any of the decorative threads. You can use ordinary black thread in the bobbin for the underside or any color to match your fabric and most of the decorative threads can be used in the bobbin. It depends on the effect you want for your project and if you want both sides of the kite decorated or glissening. On a light type of fabric, yellow, white, lt. blue, etc., use the darker threads for a "touch of elegance". You can do this type of sewing on the leading edges of stunt kites or on any seam on any kite or banner. Also think about redoing some of your already built kites.

How to: Using the sewing machine that you currently use to make kites, you can use this method. To hold the pieces of ripstop together, use a long basting straight stitch (as few stitches per inch as possible) using the same color thread as the fabric color. Now you can go back and fancy things up. Try not to sew through tape of any kind, this could gum up the needle and snap the thread. You may need to loosen the machine upper tension a little for the decorative threads. The needle must be kept very sharp for sewing through ripstop.

Stitch: Try using a fancy stitch and practice on some scrap ripstop or dacron. Most machines today will do some type of different stitch. If your machine does only straight, open the stitch up (as few stitches per inch). If your machine will do both straight and zigzag, use the zigzag and open the stitch up (as few stitches per inch as possible). If your machines does the fancy stitches as well, you can lengthen the stitch or make the stitch as wide as possible or any combination of the two. Practice with your machine to get the most eye pleasing results for the thread you choose. If you want to use a double needle in combination with zigzag stitches, be careful that the movement of the needles from side to side does not exceed the space on the sewing machine presser foot or the hole in the throat plate. The needle could strike either the foot or the plate and break the needle or damage your sewing machine.

Threads: These hard to find theads are sold in some sewing stores. We've tested many different threads and picked these for their unusual appearance on kites and banners. Stitched samples of decorative threads are available upon request at no charge. The threads listed should work on all types of machines. Start with a size 70 needle, go to a size 80 if the thread breaks. Also try loosening the top thread tension if you are still having problems. If that doesn't fix the problem, use a sewing machine embroidery needle. The eye of the needle is slightly larger and much smoother.

Tinsel Threads

135 yard standard spool
TT-305#305Rainbow Prism$6.00
TT-306#306Rainbow Gold$6.00
TT-342#342Dark Silver$3.95
TT-525#525Dark Red$3.50
TT-375#375Royal Blue$3.50
TT-555#555Buttercup Yellow$3.50
TT-304#304Dark Gold$3.50
TT-365#365Bright Green$3.50

Sulky Threads

250 yard tall spool. Rayon 40 weight.
Rayon 40 weight
TS-1162#1162Dark Teal$2.99
TS-1109#1109Hot Pink$2.99
TS-1191#1191Dark Hot Pink$2.99
TS-1196#1196Med Blue$2.99
TS-1034#1034Dark Rose$2.99
TS-1208#1208Mallard Green$2.99
Variegated, Rayon 40
TS-2240#2240Dark Multi-color$2.99
Silver metalic
TS-8020#8020Multi-color, Vibrant$3.29

Metalic Threads

Madeira Dazzle Metalic (183 yd std)
YLI Threads (250 yd small cone)
TR-CR#CRChristmas Red$6.50
TR-CG#CGChristmas Green$6.50


Schmetz embroidery needles (for any standard sewing machine)
TNED-E/TD>1 pack,5 needles, 3-#11/75 & 2-#14/90$4.49
TNED-S/TD>1 pack sharp needles, 5-#80/12$3.99