Looking for stunt kite plans

In article <13523@umd5.umd.edu> jeffy@syrinx.umd.edu (Jeffrey C. Burka) writes:

>Many books have plans for simples stunters, but none of them are really
>worth speaking of.  The exception to this is Mark Cotterell's book on
>swept-wing stunters (which I gather includes a design for the Lite Flite
>S (a kite I don't think I'd buy, let alone to to the trouble to make; on
>the other hand, having received one as a present, I don't really feel
>inclined to sell it). 

Hi Jeff,

I was intrigued by your comments on Cotterell's liteflite. Do I take it
that you're not impressed? In Britain, the original liteflite is reckoned
to be the best VFM mass-produced light wind kite available. I know it's
not a tremendous performer but it retails at around half the price of a
shadow phantom. In fact it's about the only low wind kite I can afford
( we don't seem to have as wide a choice as you do in the States) and was
next on my list. Should I think again? BTW the S version was supposed to
be a better performer but requires more wind.
  I'd be interested to hear your comments on the liteflite, in fact the 
newsgroup could do with a lot more kite reviews, where else can you get
unbiased opinions?


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