Looking for stunt kite plans

In article <13523@umd5.umd.edu>, jeffy@syrinx.umd.edu (Jeffrey C. Burka) writes:
|>Many books have plans for simples stunters, but none of them are really
|>worth speaking of.

Along with the Cotrell book, there is a book by Wolfgang
Schimmelpfennig. The title is "Lendrachen: bauen und fliegen". Please
excuse me if I've botched the spelling, I know no German. This book is
entirely in German, but I've heard that there is a translation in
another language available. 

The book has plans for a Spinoff, severval darts, a diamond stunter,
and the Paraflex, which is a soft stunter.

|>If you're feeling adventurous, you might just try to borrow a kite you're
|>interested in from a friend and build a copy...
|>...  It's not _that_ hard, and it's a lot
|>of fun.   If you know any local people who build kites, ask questions,
|>especially questions you can pose while pointing to specific aspects of
|>kites ("How do you do _that_").  Don't be afraid to make mistakes--the
|>kite will probably fly anyway.

Let me second Jeff's recommendations. As I've said before in this
forum, there is no magic in making kites. Most builders will be happy
to answer questions.

One warning though, don't copy kites and then sell them. In my opinion
that's unethical and in some cases illegal.

|>Everyone looks at my Pro and comments on
|>the addition I made to the graphic (arrowheads exploding out from the points
|>of the "star trek geeky thing" (as it's come to be called by local folks)).
|>Then it's my turn to look sheepish and say that I _had_ to add the extra
|>bits because I'd gouged the sail with my scissors while cutting some
|>loose threads.  A mistake, sure, but one that seems to have worked out for
|>the best.

I've had people ask me the reasons for laying things out the way that
I do and usually I have a good explanation. Sometimes though the
reason is that I ran out of fabric of a certain color or I pushed my
hot knife through a panel.
Marty Sasaki                            sasaki@tle.enet.dec.com

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