Looking for stunt kite plans

In article <1992May27.152224.22806@e2big.mko.dec.com> sasaki@tle.enet.dec.com writes:
>Along with the Cotrell book, there is a book by Wolfgang
>Schimmelpfennig. The title is "Lendrachen: bauen und fliegen". Please
>excuse me if I've botched the spelling, I know no German. This book is
>entirely in German, but I've heard that there is a translation in
>another language available. 

Whoops.  I should have checked in Kite Lines.  They cary the Schimmelpfennig,
as well as a book in Dutch called _Stuntvliegers Bouwen en Besturen_.
There's no mention of the Schimmelpfennig book in a translation.

>One warning though, don't copy kites and then sell them. In my opinion
>that's unethical and in some cases illegal.

Another "whoops"--something I should have stated m'self.  Selling copies
of kites without permission is _very_ uncool.  To date, I've only built
copies of kites I myself own (or modifications thereof), with the exception
of my Pro (and I've been waiting 'til I have the money so I can buy one
of those as well).  Kite makers work hard to put good kites on the market,
and while I don't really mind making my own stuff, I don't want to take
additional bread out of _their_ pockets.  

>Or I pushed my hot knife through a panel.

Don't ya just _hate_ that?  ;-)


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