Looking for stunt kite plans

I'd agree with all those who recommend building
a kite. I, too, have built a LiteFlite from
Mark Cotterel's book. It was my first exercise
in sewing for a while, and although there are some
slight constructional `dodges', I'm pretty pleased
with the way it has turned out.

I have done very little flying with it, due to other
pressures, but I guess I have to agree with those
who express ... disappointment with it. This may be
simply because I originally flew a Peter Powell
oh, fifteen years ago, and guessed that this would be
in another league altogether. Perhaps I'm just jaded these
days...  Since then, I built a `Flaix' 5-bladed single
line (non-stunter) kite, again from Cotterell's book.
Although I'm a bit unhappy with my standard of construction,
I'm pleased with the kite, and glad that two-string kites
haven't spoiled my enjoyment of single-string ones.

Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig's book is available in the UK, at least.
It's called `Making & flying Kites' (pub. Hamlyn). The Kite
Store has copies at UK L3-95. It seems a very good book to me,
with lots of constructional ideas, clearly proven in action.
Nice pictures too!

Now I've started making kites, I too hope to get hold of
a Benson Phantom to copy - I can't afford the real thing
just yet. If anyone out there has any sketches etc., I'd
be happy to turn them into a PostScript file for the net! :-)

        john N

john nicoll (jkn@ohm.york.ac.uk)

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