Converting spars.

I am interested in upgrading the spars on my kite to something lighter,
but I don't know how to go about choosing which type to use.

The kite currently uses .350" Epoxy tubing.  The factory specifies the
wind range at 7-25 MPH.  I would like to reduce the low end, without
sacrificing anything in the high end.

With all of the choices available (and not very much data that I can find),
how do I go about selecting between all of these different types (i.e.
Advantage, Beman, ProSpar, ProSpar Competition, Easton, SuperSky, UltraSky,

I will summarize any e-mail I receive on this topic (unless otherwise noted
by the author) and post it at a later date for the benefit of all.

Thanks in advance.

Brian Dockter                    | Northwest Digital Systems

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