Converting spars.

In article <1992Jun02.173156.19967@nds.com>, brian@nds.com (Brian Dockter) writes:
|>The kite currently uses .350" Epoxy tubing.  The factory specifies the
|>wind range at 7-25 MPH.  I would like to reduce the low end, without
|>sacrificing anything in the high end.

.350 fiberglass tubes (also known as K75) are very common in
non-graphite equiped stunt kites. So common in fact, that there are a
number of "upgrade kits" available that provide all of the pieces that
you need to make your kite lighter.

|>With all of the choices available (and not very much data that I can find),
|>how do I go about selecting between all of these different types (i.e.
|>Advantage, Beman, ProSpar, ProSpar Competition, Easton, SuperSky, UltraSky,

There are all sorts of trade-offs so it is difficult to determine what
is the best spar for you. I suggest calling Into the Wind, or the High
Fly Kite Co. and asking them about spars. Be sure to tell them the
kite that you want to upgrade, the amount of money that you want to
spend, etc.

Or, feel free to call me and I'll give you my opinion on all of these
things, which may or may not be helpful.

This is beginning to sound more and more like a FAQ. By the way,
whatever happened to the FAQ list?
Marty Sasaki                            sasaki@tle.enet.dec.com

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