Computers & Kite Making

sasaki@sasaki.zko.dec.com (Marty Sasaki) writes:
: In article <63580@hydra.gatech.EDU>, sc5@prism.gatech.EDU (CSEPLO,STEPHEN P) writes:
: |>I'm a little different in that I come out of Autocad, no hand drawn stuff
: |>for me unless I miss a little bit and don't want to replot. Being on
: |>a micro CAD system makes allowances a breeze and changing size is as
: |>easy as plotting to a different scale. To say nothing of being precise.
: |>Normally my kites are within 1/16" of being perfectly symetrical. God, I  
: |>love CAD.
: I would love to have a CAD system with a big plotter. Right now I use
: rulers and calculators to scale drawings and such. Anybody want to
: donate a computer and a large plotter?

Who needs a large plotter?  I use a dot matrix printer spitting out
8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper.  My computer calculates all of the
dimensions and prints sheets of the important angles (i.e. every
place that will be connected with only a straight line).  I then
dig out my straight edge and "connect the dots".

It's not as simple as an E size plotter, but it's easier than drawing the
whole pattern by hand.


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