Cloth fading

Item Subject: Reply: Re: Cloth fading
>Icarex fading

We used Icarex to make a few of our own kites and we've noticed that the
property that it lacks is "wear resistance".

At any place where you have the Icarex rubbing against graphite, you
will develop a weak spot in the fabric much quicker than at the same
spot using 3/4 oz. ripstop nylon (of course, we now reinforce these
areas with Dacron or 1.5 oz ripstop nylon). This is especially bad when
you fly at a beach, and have sand get into these areas as well.

Also, we've found that you have to be careful at whisker points to
reinforce the area enough, or the Icarex will stretch where it attaches
to the reinforcement (or whisker), causing a "cupping" around the
whisker area.

Other than these two cautions, I think that Icarex is an good product to
use, has better colour "depth", and you can't beat the shimmer you get
when the kite passes by some bright sunshine.


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