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>How does Icarex hold up under normal use.  It's been around long
>enough that someone must have seen it die, or at least age.

My primary Rev II has seen, I'm guessing, somewhere between 150 and 200
hours of airtime since last June.  This is fairly extreme use, and probably
comparable to what more sane flyers can expect to see after a couple of
years of use.

The colors are as vibrant as they ever were (teal and grape).  The coating
has "cracked" quite a bit, and in some tiny spots seems to have flaked off.
The fabric now absorbs water, though still not as much as, say, Carrington.
Several minutes of flying is sufficient to dry the kite (as evidenced at
ODSKC a few weeks ago).

The kite is typically only flown in winds under 10mph, though there have
been plenty of times I've stuffed in a stock 3-wrap frame and flown in
medium to high winds.  There's been a bit of stretching in the belly of the
sail, inside either down shaft.  Despite the stretching in these spots,
I've never had to tighten any of the bungies on the kite, which is
*phenomenal*.  My Rev I has been tightened so many times that the bottom
wing tips actually get folded under a bit when the kite is framed...it
could actually use longer spars!

I've been *extremely* happy with the kite (as well as my other Icarex
kites:  my high wind II, my Pro, and my Ultra; however, none of these have
seen nearly as much air time as that particular Rev II).  

Icarex is also a pleasure to sew, at least if you like fabrics that hold a
crease well.  

(getting ready to order some more icarex for his next couple of revs)

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