Building Flexis?

In article <Bsv075.Bv2@ibmpcug.co.uk> gaffer@ibmpcug.co.uk (Andrew Beattie) writes:

>Building a flexi seems like jumping in a the deep end.  I know of no plans
>(the things are patented!)  A friend who did some repairs for me took a copy
>of the airifoil shape and reported that it was not the sort of shape that he
>would expect. 

A friend of mine had to do a repair right in the middle of the kite (all of
my flexi repairs have been on outside cells) and as such ended up pulling it
apart for several cells.  She said that what surprised her most was that the
cells seemed to be of different sizes, but only differing by tiny amounts
(in the 2mm range).

While I know of no published plan for the Flexi, Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig's
"Making and Flying Stunt Kites" (written in German...) includes the plans
for the Paraflex, a stunt kite that looks like a Flexi without the spar...


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