RUMOR: Easton abandons kite spar product line?

No Easton Won't get our of the arrow business. But they never have had much
luck with any of their carbon line arrow shafts. Their A/C/H arrows have a
bad rep with the hunters because the carbon tends to shatter on impact
with bone. Thus sending carbon slivers into the meat. I know that they have had to pull
their Carbon line in the past because of this. Any AFC arrow
that does not pass certain requirements gets stamped "Not to be used as a arrow shaft"
Or something to that effect. and gets sold to us kite fliers as seconds.  I suspect
that is what Easton started doing before they introduced their kite rod line. However
they must not of felt that it was worth it because according to the owner of WindZingers
here in E Lansing Mi. and Ray Hanchet who builds the Overdrive for Skyburner Kites

Easton no longer makes kite rods!!!

That is not to say that you won't still be able to get their A/C/H arrows. But their 
Two wrap line are gone. If you store doesn't have any now they won't be getting any. 
not from Easton any way.

George.                       north@frith.egr.msu.edu

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