kite decoration

I suppose I also have problems trying to find suitable designs
for applique of kites. By problems, I mean that a design
oes not just jump out at me. This is what I do for inspiration:

(1) keep my eyes open. In particular, look at modern sports clothes,
    kit bags, swimming suits, etc. These are now a good source of
    ideas, if only because of the variety of colours. These should 
    open your eyes to colour!

(2) Art galleries, and books on art. Look at some of the work done 
    by the surrealists, etc. Again, great inspiration. My flowform
    has an applique based on a painting by Miro, called Blue II
    (mine is Green, therefore Green II)

(3) Motor racing. Many of the F1 cars have fabulous colour schemes.
    I have a beautiful delta in the Minardi colour scheme.

(4) Finally, and most obviously, I use a graphics terminal (SPARCstation
    IPC) and tgiff, and draw my kite and play with colour combinations
    and patterns.

Generally, it can take me months to come up with an idea. When I build a
larg(ish) kite, it will take maybe a month to plan it, before I actually
cut cloth. Basically, keep your eyes open (I'm not being funny, or cheeky),
and be patient with yourself. That is one of the nice things about building 
kites: it should open your eyes to colour.


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