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In article <2pakf9$6q4@nkosi.well.com>, kiteman@well.sf.ca.us (George David Maurer) says:
>...There are very many different winders, reels, bobbins, and tin cans being
>used for line retrival. My personal favorite for _all_ kinds of kite flying is
>the HALO (trade mark), available in many diferent diameters (and colors),
>allowing for a convenient and fast retrival...
If you like the HALO, you owe it to yourself to try and find a hand fishing reel.
These look like HALO's with an attitude. Instead of the parallel sides of a HALO,
they have one side that slants out, like a huge open face spinning reel spool.
If you need to let out line in a *hurry* (Rok battles, altitude sprints, or out
of control power dives) these reels will do it. They also have one other big
advantage over HALO's. There is an additional rim on the inner diameter for your
fingers to grip. This keeps your hand safely away from the line while providing
a very sturdy and comfortable grip. I have two sizes, a 7in model which I use
with 50-80# line and a 9in size that I use with my large Rok's. If you can find
them, the smaller size is about $2 and the larger about $4. And that's the only
problem; they can be hard to find. I have had the best luck in local fishing
supply stores in Florida. So, if you go to Disney World, do yourself a big
favor and scrounge around in few fishing stores - the dark grungy kind, not
the K-MART fishing department. I guarantee you will like these reels.

Charlie Dunton

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